Saturday, February 9, 2008

Welcome to My Life


Welcome to my life!

My Life:

My name is Shannon and I welcome you to my life! I am a 23 year old female living life the best way I can in beautiful sunny southern California. I spend alot of time with myself, and with my boyfriend of 5 years (Tony). My life isn't perfect, but then again perfection is hard to find, and I am not really searching for it. I started this blog for a few reasons, but the most important reason: ME!

My Story:

You see, like many other people in the world I suffer from an addiction. I am not speaking of drugs or alcohol or shopping or sex. My demon? My addiction; FOOD! You see for most of my life I have followed the old saying "Live to Eat" but I am slowing learning I need to "Eat to Live". September 8th 2004, I had gastric bypass surgery; also known as weight loss surgery. I was 19 years old when I made a life altering decision that I now know I wasn't prepared to make. Now at 23 years old I pray its not to late to learn to use my "tool". You see WLS is NOT an easy fix, in fact it's the opposite. WLS is a TOOL, a tool that only works if YOU use it right! I certainly have not. Although I did my research before having my surgery, I suppose I still had that thought in the back of my mind -I don't need to do anything, the weight will fall off-. I should of known better, I should of better prepared myself.

Take into consideration when reading:

This is MY blog, MY life. YOU are a GUEST! If you don't agree with my thought's and my feelings keep it to yourself. My blog is my way of letting go all the feelings and guilt that I hold inside. Positive reinforcement is always apprecaited. Negativity is not welcome.

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